About Us

Welcome to Cajun Marsh Apparel! 

My name is Brennon Viator and my wife Heidi and I are the owners of CMA! We are from New Iberia, LA and have always loved the cajun side of life. We are hobby hunters and fishermen but love everything outdoors. Cajun Marsh was inspired by our love for cajun country and the beauty of southern life has to offer. 

We specialize in creating apparel that reflects southern life. Our specialty is duck hunting, so you will notice majority of our items feature wood ducks and big ducks.

Since the time I started hunting at 14, I've been fascinated with Wood ducks and the colors on the bird. So much so, my uncle nicknamed me Wood duck during the hunting season. Since then, my love for duck hunting has grown and even more so my quest hunt and mount my own Wood duck male and female. Currently still on the hunt to find my pair to have in our home. 

My wife and I have grown to love the sport together and even take trips to hunt together. We hope to bring our stories to life in our designs and share with you the love we have for the sport. 

Please enjoy some of our favorite hunting photos that we've take over the years!